'I can do everything' Barbie!

Length: 7 minutes
Available as contortion or aerial act

Introducing.....'I can do EVERYTHING Barbie!'


This comedy burlesque piece is an advert for the perfect doll she does everything the ideal woman should do, cook, clean, work out! But wait...she can't bend her arms or her legs which makes these simple tasks comical challenges.

 Barbie attempts to do DIY but malfunctions and uses her tools and pyrotechnics to build herself joints so she can be the free woman she wants to be!

Sedona is trained in dance trapeze and contortion. She is also highly skilled in clown, physical theatre and physical comedy. These are all elements she loves to bring to her work when creating new cabaret acts. Sedona has a range of circus acts which are available to hire which you can see below. 

Sedona is also available to teach clown and circus skills workshops in schools and for cor
porate events.

the living room

Length: 8 minutes
Aerial Act

This narrative theatre piece combines aerial with story telling to tell a tale of love and loss

"A beautiful evocative piece, it gave me goose bumps!"

Comedy Cabaret

Length: 5 minutes 

Aerial Act 

A satirical outlook on two aerialists fighting for the limelight, they will do whatever it takes to get noticed! 

"Gloriously glamorous and witty!"  

Corporate Acts 

Available as Contortion or Aerial act

Length between 3-7 minutes

Corporate acts are available by request. These routines can be choreographed to fit the style and venue restrictions of your event. Please email for further details.