Sedona loves to use her skills to create short films and comedy shorts, see her work below.


 short film

A short film using a trapeze and water to explore the physicalisation of emotional pain, featuring Actor and Circus Performer Sedona Rose and music by Billy Lloyd. 

Choreographed by Sedona Rose

Director of Photography: Leo Element

Directed and Edited by Luke Taylor

Aerial Technician: Mike Wright

 bnb emergency!

 comedy pilot

Meet Suzanne Smythe Sampson (self proclaimed) world renowned hotelier. This is her latest venture - where she attempts to improve BnB's across the UK.

Written by Sedona Rose

Director of Photography: Luke Taylor

 Edited by Luke Taylor


 luna lifestyle

 comedy short

Luna Lifestyle is a nomadic lifestyle guru and social media sensation. She is now launching her eight week course to help you, find yourself and more followers. 

Written by Sedona Rose

Director of Photography: Ned Lecomber

 Edited by Ned Lecomber