Corporate workshops

Sedona uses her training and experience in; improvisation, stand up comedy, clown, circus and theatre to create corporate workshops.

She is passionate about using these skills to develop confidence, communication, trust and team work. Everything she has learnt in a performance context has proved to be valuable life skills, which can be transferred into the work place.

Sedona likes to work with clients on a 1:1 basis to create bespoke workshops and packages, but here are a few examples to spark your imagination.

Stand up Comedy

Develop confidence and public speaking skills through the techniques used in stand up comedy.


 Improv is a fantastic tool to encourage you to think on your feet and be adaptable in any work or life situation.

voice work

Using vocal exercises developed for theatre, understand how to use your voice so you can really be heard.

find your clown

Have fun discovering your inner clown is, so that you can build your confidence and lose your inhibitions.

circus skills

Develop trust, communication and team building skills through basic acrobatics.